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    Passengers stranded at Glasgow Airport tell their stories
    Hundreds of people have been left stranded and up to 45,000 have lost bookings after the collapse of the low-cost transatlantic airline Zoom.
    The carrier suspended all its flights, blaming the economic downturn and steep rises in fuel bills.
    Zoom, founded in 2001, flew mainly to Canada from Glasgow, Gatwick, Belfast, Cardiff and Manchester airports.
    Zoom said BA and Virgin Atlantic were offering “special” fares for passengers whose flights had been cancelled.
    Thousands of people due to fly with Zoom in the coming weeks have been told to rebook with other carriers.
    However some passengers have said they would have to abandon plans because they could not find affordable alternative flights.
    Isobel and Michael Shannon, from Dumfriesshire, said they would have to cancel their two-week holiday to Nova Scotia.
    They had already paid for accommodation and car hire a…

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