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    A laptop might cost as little as £400 to replace, but downloads stored on it could run to thousands of pounds.

    The speed of these technological changes has caught some insurers on the hop.

    Home insurance has long covered computer equipment, but not all policies cover digital media, and of those that do, there are manyvariations in the cover.

    Elaine Parkes of insurer Legal & General says: ‘Downloads, particularly music, films and games, have become increasingly popular, but many consumers probably still do not realise quite how much it would cost or how long it would take to replace them.

    ‘We reviewed our policy wording last year to ensure customers were not confused by what is and isn’t covered.’

    In L& G’s case, cover is provided on downloads as high-risk items under the general terms of a household policy.

    This means that downloads are not only covered against loss or damage caused by normal perils such as fire and flood, but also for theft….

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