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    The government must give more money to help Britain’s six million unpaid carers, MPs have said.
    The Commons work and pensions committee said people who looked after friends and relatives saved the taxpayer £87bn.
    It recommended income replacement for those unable to work and compensation for extra costs of “intensive” caring.
    Carers say the current £50.55-a-week allowance is “insultingly low”. Ministers say they are working to give carers more “balance”.
    In its report the committee said more state help was of “critical importance” and the current system was “outdated”.
    It recommended a “two-tier” approach combining income replacement and pension protection for carers who were unable to work or only able to work part-time, and compensation for extra costs incurred by “intensive” caring.
    It also said the government should help carers who want to return to work to do so.
    The MPs said they were “disappointed” the government had not directly addressed financial help…

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