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    Kara Gammell asks the experts if politics could harm the country’s long-term economic prospects.
    James Davies, investment research manager at Chartwell, says: “One of the factors that separates emerging markets from developed ones is that in emerging markets the actions of government generally have a far more pronounced effect on market movement. “The events of the past couple of weeks have demonstrated that Russia is still an emerging market. Russia is a land of enormous opportunity, but also risk, and the world looks a very different place from Moscow – something that is not always appreciated in western Europe.”
    A lot of the growth can be attributed to rises in commodity prices, says Reynolds.
    Justine Fearns of AWD Chase de Vere says this has worried some investors but she warns it is important to remember that Russian oil and gas companies are generally more efficient than some of their international counterparts which creates a slight cushion against falling prices.

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