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    After a course of drugs it was decided to operate to remove the tumour. Busaba is now fine, but the total cost of treatment topped £1,600.

    Fortunately, Antonella, 31, an account manager with a furniture supplier, is one of a minority of pet owners with animal insurance. She pays £16 a month for Busaba and her other ferret, Nikita, through Petplan.

    There are an estimated 19 million pets in Britain, including 6.8 million dogs and 9.7 million cats. However, only one in five has the safety net of insurance, though the market has been steadily growing.

    Judith Roberts, pet insurance manager for M& S Money, says: ‘For most buyers, their pet is a cherished member of the family. Owners want to know they will be able to afford treatment if anything goes wrong.’

    Antonella of Vauxhall, south-west London, says: ‘Ferrets are great fun. They sleep 15 to 18 hours a day and then are playful when you come home from work.

    ‘When Busaba got ill, I found it straightforwar…

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