• From The BBC:

    The collapse of low-cost transatlantic airline Zoom has left 4,500 UK passengers stranded abroad while up to 60,000 have lost bookings, according to the Civil Aviation Authority.
    The carrier has suspended all its flights – blaming the economic downturn and steep rises in fuel bills.
    Are all passengers protected equally?
    Protection varies significantly depending on how you paid for the ticket and if it was a stand-alone purchase or part of a package.
    In simple terms, passengers who booked with a package holiday are in the best position.
    And passengers who paid with credit cards will have some chance of getting back their money.
    What happens to passengers who are stranded and what recourse do they have?
    For those with flights that are part of a package deal, which is covered by the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing (ATOL) scheme, then it is the responsibility of the tour operator to get people home.
    Package deal customers are not meant to sp…

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