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    People who look after a relative’s child often miss out on money from the local council.
    Campaigners claim these “kinship carers” may get no help with the cost of caring for the child.
    They warn that some have to go to court to make local councils pay them as foster parents.
    But the Local Government Association denies the problem is widespread and says all local authorities should follow the law.
    Legal wrangling

    The relatives’ lawyer, Nigel Priestley of solicitors Ridley & Hall, explained the outcome to Money Box on BBC Radio 4.
    “Recently we brought cases against two London Boroughs.
    “In one they’ve paid back-pay of £37,000 and in the other almost £50,000.
    “And in one case their money has leapt from £85 per week to £410 a week.
    “Over recent years we have got total back-pay [for families] in excess of £500,000.”
    Munby judgement
    Nigel Priestley helps people who have been asked by social services to look after a relative’s child but who are then not paid as foster pare…

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