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    ‘The hall is a focus for the village, with a mums and toddlers group and the Women’s Institute meeting here regularly. We use it for events such as the panto and quiz,’ says Hilary Skaar, secretary of the hall committee.
    But in May the hall became a target for the new wave of commodity crooks. Thieves climbed on to the roof and stripped a 25ft length of lead flashing worth more than £4,000. The theft left the community saddened and the repairs form a visible white scar on the roof.
    Hilary, 54, a retired financial adviser, says: ‘There was a parish council meeting in the hall until 9.30 that night, so the theft must have happened some time after that.
    ‘But no one saw or heard a thing. It’s so frustrating that someone should attack the hall in this way.’
    As Financial Mail reported last week, Britain is suffering from a commodity crimewave.
    Rising prices for raw materials, such as metals, oils and basic foodstuffs, are encouraging thieves to turn their attention to soft t…

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