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    Interior designer Barbara Ward, from Lincolnshire, was in charge of selling her father’s three-bedroom semi-detached house in Doncaster, Yorkshire, when he had to move into a residential home earlier this month.
    ‘At 1.30pm I met with the Haart estate agent in Doncaster. By 6pm I’d had a viewer for the house and at 10am the next morning there was an offer of the asking price. I was gobsmacked. I’d expected a six-month wait,’ says Barbara.
    The home was on sale for £105,000. ‘I wasn’t greedy, I wanted a realistic valuation. Buyers aren’t stupid, so I knew we had to go for a realistic price – and it worked,’ she says.
    Hometrack, a consultancy that analyses estate agents’ figures, says the average home now takes 11 weeks to attract a buyer, and has at least 15 viewings before an acceptable offer is made.
    ‘We’re in a price-led market and it was on at the right price to create interest,’ says Paul Gray, director of Haart in Doncaster.
    Barbara Ward’s experience is not unusual….

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