• From UK Insurance Index:

    A recent survey commissioned by Legal and General life insurance has revealed that Brit’s could be neglecting to protect themselves financially because they over-estimate the cost of life cover.
    Legal & General is concerned that people might avoid taking out protection because consider it is too expensive. The survey showed that 65% of thosed polled over-estimated the cost of a £150,000 life insurance policy with 35% over-estimating the cost of including critical illness cover as an option on the same plan.
    According to L&G, £150,000 of level term assurance over 25 years for a healthy, non-smoking man aged 25 would cost just £8* per month. Of those surveyed by L&G, 24% expected it to cost between £11 and £20, 18% thought that it would cost £21 – £30 and 22% thought over £30 for the same policy.
    Commercial Director for Housing at Legal & General, Karen Blatchford, commented: “Life cover can start from…

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