• From The BBC:

    A challenge against employers’ rights to make people retire at 65 has reached a key stage in the European courts.
    An Advocate-general – a senior legal adviser to the European Court of Justice – is due to give recommendations in the case.
    Age Concern has challenged British law, which since 2006 has allowed employers to compel retirement after age 65.
    Some 260 people in Britain have cases at employment tribunals which depend on the court’s ultimate decision.
    Many believe they have been unfairly treated and are worse off because they had to retire at 65.
    Campaigners, who believe that setting an age limit is discriminatory, stressed that the case would run for some time – even if the Advocate-General made recommendations in their favour.
    The Advocate-General’s view could influence the judges who are expected to give their ruling in the case just before Christmas.
    If they found in the campaigners’ favour, the case would then return for a final hearing in a British court….

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