• From The Telegraph:

    Gordon Brown’s plan to revive the housing market was greeted with almost universal condemnation amid warnings it is unlikely to help homebuyers.
    Senior figures in the property industry called the measure “a political sticking plaster” that would not make “one iota of difference” particularly to housebuyers in London and the South East. One described it as a “drop in the ocean”.
    Mr Brown said: “Homeowners need to know that we will do everything we can to keep the housing market moving forward.
    “These are the things a government should do to help us come through what is a difficult situation and show that our economy is resilient and will come through these problems.”
    Michael White, a property lawyer at London-based law firm Dawsons, said: “The stamp duty proposals will not make one iota of difference to the state of the UK housing market.
    He said: “If Gordon Brown tries to borrow his way out of trouble and wreck the public finances in the long term for his short term survival then I don…

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