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    Union leaders and Labour MPs have called for a windfall tax on energy companies, saying current efforts to tackle fuel poverty are not enough.
    The Labour conference voted in favour of the issue of a windfall tax being sent to Labour’s National Policy Forum for further consideration.
    Tony Woodley, of the giant Unite union, said ministers must “sweep away vested interests” to help the most vulnerable.
    Ministers have said they have no plans at the moment for a windfall tax.
    Chancellor Alistair Darling who addressed conference on Monday, said energy firms were doing their bit.
    ‘Stark choice’
    He defended the energy efficiency and insulation plan, announced earlier this month, saying it had secured more financial support from power firms than would have been forthcoming via a one-off tax.
    Critics have said the £910m plan is flawed because energy firms will simply pass on the cost of funding new schemes onto fuel bills.

    In a debate on fuel poverty, ministers faced a succession of c…

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