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    John Whiting explains why basic rate taxpayers are receiving the rebate

    It’s just enough for a curry and a couple of cobra beers for two at the local Tandori.Robert Pinckney, Warlingham, Surrey

    The extra £60 will no doubt be put towards the increase in my energy costs. It is very unlikely that it will make it to the high street.Geoffrey Guy, London

    I’ve just found out that I should be able to get up to 40% off a new bike using the Government’s Ride2Work scheme, so I can use the extra tax benefit to pay for a helmet and lights.Graham T, Basingstoke

    Well, my car is due for a service and MOT at the beginning of next month, so that will help.Steve Sutton, St Albans

    As I am an old age pensioner I will save the money to help pay my extra heating costs this winter.William Dixon, Clacton-on Sea

    I’m really happy to read about this. I’m going to be spen…

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