• From The BBC:

    Some 38,000 tourists still stranded by the collapse of holiday company XL are to be flown home this week.
    The vast majority had been on two-week breaks when XL’s 21 planes were grounded on 12 September, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said.
    It said that in the week following XL’s collapse, 199 flights carrying 46,765 passengers flew back to the UK from 40 holiday destinations.
    It described the repatriation operation as “unprecedented”.
    ‘Smooth’ operation
    A spokesman for the CAA said that after the initial upheaval caused by the collapse, the return of holidaymakers had been relatively smooth.

    He encouraged those still on holiday to enjoy the rest of their break, as they should not have to pay extra for hotel bills.
    Richard Jackson, CAA director of consumer protection, also praised other tour operators for their assistance in getting people home.
    “Their important contribution has greatly helped the smooth repatriation for the vast majority of XL holidaymakers and allowed m…

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