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    The government has confirmed that people over 60 will lose money when new rules on backdating benefits begin next month.
    People who claim pension credit and money off their council tax or rent from 6 October will have the backdating cut from 12 months to three.
    Official figures show that will save the government £300m over three years.
    But ministers say a new simplified claims procedure will attract 50,000 extra claims over the same period.
    Official figures
    The cut in backdating will mean £1,600 less on the average claim when the benefit is first paid.
    The government says that will save £170m next year.
    But the government is also making it easier to claim these three benefits.
    In future, a claim for pension credit will also count as a claim for council tax benefit and, for tenants, housing benefit as well.
    In the past, separate forms had to be signed for each.
    The government says that will result in 50,000 extra people getting council tax benefit.
    New figures

    The net r…

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