• From The BBC:

    The average house price across rural Scotland is 13% higher than the average in urban areas, according to figures from the Bank of Scotland.
    The average rural price was £186,446, compared with £164,517, it reported.
    It found the most expensive rural local authority was Aberdeenshire (average £213,559) and the least expensive the Western Isles (average £137,319).
    But the average house price in rural Scotland was 21% lower than across rural Great Britain as a whole.
    Suren Thiru, an economist at Bank of Scotland, said: “Housing in rural areas is less affordable than in urban areas due to a combination of higher average prices and lower average earnings.
    “The difficulties for home buyers in rural locations are particularly acute among first-time buyers and are exacerbated by relatively low levels of social housing provision.”
    The bank’s fourth rural housing review also found that the average property price in rural areas was 5.9-times average annual earnings, compared with a ratio…

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