• From The BBC:

    European shares have edged lower, following sharper falls in Asia, amid uncertainty about the impact of the massive US financial bail-out plan.
    Doubts over how soon the 0bn (£382bn) US rescue plan can be applied have emerged from both the Democrats and Republicans.
    The FTSE 100 fell 0.5% and France’s Cac 40 slid 0.6%. Hong Kong’s HSI shed 2.7% and China’s main stock fell 1.5%.
    On Monday, US shares fell sharply, with the Dow Jones index closing down 3.3%.
    The White House says Congress must back the rescue plan to stop wider economic harm.
    Many politicians appear alarmed by the scale and implications of the global financial crisis.

    While most are anxious to find bi-partisan ways of getting behind the bail-out, others are critical of what they see as a waste of taxpayers’ money, correspondents say.
    Oil surge
    In the US on Monday, the Dow Jones index closed 372.75 points, or 3.3% lower, at 11,015.6, wiping out the gains made during Friday’s rally.
    Banking shares were particula…

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