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    A British couple staying on a Caribbean island have been given a hotel bill for almost £1,000 despite having already paid for their XL package holiday.
    Martin Skillings, visiting St Lucia with his wife, said there were 34 other people there with similar bills, after the collapse of the travel operator.
    XL had 21 planes grounded on Friday, leaving some 85,000 people abroad.
    In its wake, 150 holidaymakers are also stranded in Turkey after K&S Travel ceased trading on Saturday night.
    K&S, also known as Travel Turkey, charters planes from Onur Air and only flies to Turkey.
    No refund
    Mr Skillings, who lives in Norfolk, said there was little chance of the hotel getting any money.
    “Most [of those billed] have done what I’ve done” and refused to pay, he went on.

    “That’s where we stand at the minute. We’re a little bit worried about whether there’ll be any sort of retribution by the hotel.”
    A spokesman for the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) said poor weather conditions in the Caribbe…

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