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    Politicians and business leaders have united in a bid to make sure Scotland gets the “best possible deal” in the wake of the proposed takeover of HBOS.
    The meeting of the Scottish Council for Development and Industry reached a broad measure of agreement.
    Alex Salmond, who hosted the summit, won the backing of those attending to demand that Lloyds TSB retain jobs and decision-making in Scotland.
    Mr Salmond will hold a private meeting with Lloyds TSB bosses on Tuesday.
    Lloyds TSB announced last week it had agreed a £12.2bn takeover after shares in Edinburgh-based HBOS plummeted.

    Mr Salmond said it was important that the “broad consensus of viewpoint” which emerged at Holyrood in the wake of the Lloyds TSB deal was given a chance to continue.
    Speaking about the importance of HBOS to the Scottish economy, Mr Salmond said: “The loss of our oldest institution and independent bank is a serious matter that touches every corner of business and fabric of the country.
    “Therefore it’s on…

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