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    Following advice from the Environment Agency that higher than normal spring tides are expected on Britain’s coasts this week, insurer, Direct Line, is offering advice to homeowners in high risk areas on minimising the impact of flooding. The tides on the October 7, 8, 9 & 10 will be around four centimetres higher than normal for this time of year. Although not enough to cause a threat on their own, if these tides are combined with stormy weather or heavy rain, there could be a greater chance of flooding. If your home is flooded, you should contact your home insurer as soon as you can. While insuring your home and possessions it is essential to safeguard property, it makes sense for homeowners to take steps to limit any damage that might occur in the unlikely event of a flood: Firstly, find out if your home is in a flood risk area and be aware of flood warnings on your local TV and radio station. The Environment Agency has a 24 hour information service, Floodline,…

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