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    What began as a credit crisis in banking now seems to have spread to other parts of the economy, with some experts saying the UK is already in recession.
    But how is it affecting shopkeepers? We visited Shirley High Street in Southampton which has the kind of retailers found on shopping streets up and down the country.
    We asked shop owners and customers whether the crisis was affecting them. And we’ll return there in the weeks ahead.
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    Kerry Hewitt, pub landlady
    Ms Hewitt, who has been landlady of The Crown for four years, says she is not panicking at the moment, as her business has “very strong” foundations.
    “We’re quite lucky as we have a strong customer base of regulars who come in at specific times and drink.”
    Ms Hewitt says she has seen a “minor drop” in sales in the past few weeks, but overall trade is slightly higher than this time last year.
    “We’ve seen a drop in trade with food sales. People come in an…

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