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    Banks have largely won the latest round of a High Court battle over the fairness of overdraft charges.
    Judge Mr Justice Andrew Smith says most customers will not be able to use common law to challenge bank charges levied mostly between 2001 and 2007.
    But NatWest customers might still have this legal avenue open to them after he failed to give their terms a clean bill of health.
    This is one of a series of legal hearings about overdraft fees.
    OFT investigation
    The OFT wants legal confirmation that it can rule if these charges of up to £35 are fair or not.
    Customers have complained they have been unfairly overcharged hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of pounds when falling into the red.
    But the banks want to protect the estimated £2.6bn a year of income they gather by charging people for going overdrawn.
    The OFT has been investigating bank charges since April 2006.
    The judge’s ruling on Thursday followed a three-day hearing in July.

    His ruling has an impact on the th…

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