• From The BBC:

    It is difficult to escape the effect that the financial crisis is having in Iceland.
    It starts at the airport with massive advertisements for the Icelandic banks and the mutter that could be heard was: “Why don’t they take these down?”
    There has not been an issue that has so engulfed this small island state in living memory.
    On the streets of the capital, Reykjavik, the mood is sombre and there were not many people who wanted to stop and talk about the situation early in the morning.

    A few passers-by commented that, actually, things were perhaps not that bad. They didn’t have any money anyway, so they had nothing to lose.
    Well, that is one way of dealing with it.
    Moral support
    By midday a crowd of Icelanders had gathered in the square in front of parliament to show unity, they said – stressing that this was certainly not a protest.
    And to some degree that was what it felt like – people coming together for moral support.
    Although the turnout was not big, it was still a resp…

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