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    The UK’s goods trade gap with the rest of the world narrowed slightly in August to £8.20bn from £8.24bn in July, the latest official data has shown.
    Analysts said they had expected a bigger fall and that global economic uncertainty had limited the positive impact of the weaker pound on exports.
    The services trade surplus was £3.5bn in August, the same as July, said the Office for National Statistics.
    “The figures are very disappointing,” said Investec economist Philip Shaw.
    “In the grand scheme of things, these are relatively minor figures, particularly in a week like this, but they do show the extent to which the UK economy is imbalanced,” he added.
    Oil exports
    The UK’s deficit on trade in both goods and services was £4.7bn in August, compared with a revised deficit of £4.8bn in July.
    The goods trade deficit with other European Union nations narrowed to £3bn in August from £3.5bn in July, while that with the rest of the world expanded to £5.2bn from £4.8bn.
    Exports of…

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