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    It has been revealed that at least 65,000 people have had their claims for the return of overdraft charges frozen in the court system.
    The figures, obtained from the Ministry of Justice, have been made public by campaigners for the first time.
    The legal claims were halted in July 2007 by a general stay on overdraft cases, imposed by county court judges.
    The stay was part of a wider agreement to allow a High Court test case to decide if bank overdraft fees are fair.
    A year and a half since the 2007 agreement, the High Court litigation, agreed between eight banks and the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), is still running.
    The figures on the number of frozen cases, as of last November, were supplied to the campaign group Legal Beagles by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ).
    A spokesman for the group, Julian Siddle, said the litigation agreement, which also allows banks to defer dealing with complaints made directly to them, was very one-sided.
    “People are still incurring charges…

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