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    Surviving the UK recession will be easier if people face up to any financial issues before they get out of control.
    An array of information is available through the BBC News website and various groups offer help for struggling householders.
    Here is a guide to some of that advice and information.

    The banking crisis has brought the safety of savings into sharp focus, especially after the Northern Rock rescue.
    Savings up to £50,000 per person per licensed bank are guaranteed, should any UK-regulated bank or building society go bust.
    A couple with a joint account is covered per person. So each person in a couple would have £50,000 covered in the account – so up to £100,000 in total would be protected.
    Schemes in the EU have to offer compensation for at least the first 20,000 euros (£16,300), although they may offer significantly more than that.
    For further advice start with this guide to the safety of savings.
    If you are worried about your deposits, see this question and an…

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