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    While some homeowners are revelling in historically low rates, many others are suffering from a massive mortgage shortage.
    Any would-be buyer with a tiny deposit is stuck, as are homeowners who want to remortgage but have seen their equity fall away.
    The self-employed and those who have missed repayments will also find it nigh-on impossible to get a deal in the current climate.
    Since the credit crunch began, the number of mortgages on offer has slumped from 30,107 to 2,672. Those banks and building societies who are lending mortgages are putting tougher conditions on anyone who wants to borrow.
    So while it can seem as though the more generous lenders have deals for those with a small deposit, when it comes to taking these out, borrowers find they are left out in the cold.
    In the past year, house prices have dived by a fifth and surveyors say that in some regions they are being forced to reduce values by more than a third, compared with the peak in August 2007.
    The huge fal…

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