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    It has been estimated that 40% of the cost of owning a dog goes towards unforeseen vet bills and that only 12% of the UK’s 13m dog owners insure their pets.

    And when you consider that fixing a ruptured cruciate ligament ? the most common knee injury suffered by dogs ? could set you back anything from £500 to £2,500, you can see that adequate cover really is worth the cost.

    In addition to ensuring that vets’ bills don’t send an owner into financial difficulty, pet insurance can provide other useful cover. For example, if a motorist crashes his car into a wall to avoid running over your dog, you could well be covered for the expensive repair to the car ? and the wall.

    Likewise, if your dog bites the postman or worries sheep and you find yourself in court, many policies offer useful legal advice and cover for legal fees. Legal liability for damage to anyone or their property caused by your pet is required by law if your dog is covered by the Dangerous Dogs Ac…

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