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    According to price comparison website, Confused.com, couples could save up to 16% on their motor insurance by simply declaring their partner on the policy.

    It is not necessary to change insurance providers as long as the claimant updates their marital status and an agreement has been made to share the vehicle.
    The new research shows that an average of £34 can be saved when insuring a motor with one of the UK’s top ten providers.

    For example, Tesco Value is among the cheapest insurers for singletons at £270 whilst for married couples a saving of £45 could be made with the current rate at £225.
    Will Thomas, communications manager for Confused.com said ‘The reasons for this are quite simple.
    The risk has been calculated and by having only one driver on the policy there is more risk of accident taking place whilst with a married couple the decision to tie the knot would hopefully suggest they are responsible and more cautious on the roads’.
    With Valenti…

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