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    Money Matters roadshow
    Miserably low savings rates, unemployment rising, share prices falling, gas and electricity prices still stubbornly high. It is hard to find many reasons to be cheerful so far in 2009.
    Money matters, and it has never mattered more than in the current economic climate as we all take a long hard look at our household balance sheets and batten down the hatches for what’s likely to be a pretty turbulent year ahead.
    If you are planning a spot of financial spring cleaning to recession proof your hard earned cash, then the Money Matters Roadshow is here to help.
    A team of money experts – plus a smattering of BBC financial journalists – will be at Manchester’s Trafford centre on Wednesday (February 18).
    If you cannot get along in person then sit back and absorb the coverage across BBC TV, radio and online throughout the day.

    And here on the website, you will be able to take part by asking questions t…

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