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    The discounts, ranging from 6-10%, apply to those renewing general insurance, such as motor or household cover.
    Co-operative Financial Services also shares profits with its customer-owners. It operates a divi scheme with payments linked to the value of customers’ savings and loans and insurance cover.
    Someone renewing home and motor cover each year, for example, would get 1,000 points. Based on last year’s dividend payment of 2.63p per point, 1,000 points are worth £26.30. Registering as a CFS customer costs £1, paid from the first year’s divi.
    Britannia Building Society, which is in talks with CFS about a merger, pays a cash bonus to customers linked to how many accounts they have with the society. It handed out £47m last year, though tough markets mean payments will drop.
    Anita and John Garrard, who save and insure with Britannia, have received more than £1,000 in loyalty rewards over the years.
    The couple, both 73, ran a supermarket and off-licence…

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