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    Last year was when the financial crisis really started to bite.
    But some pets have taken the situation literally – by chomping their way through a growing number of banknotes, Bank of England figures show.
    It received 4,916 claims for a total of £113,000 in 2008 from people suggesting their money had been chewed or eaten – up 23% in value on the previous year.
    Total claims for damaged or mutilated banknotes reached £34m, including torn, washed, stained and burnt money.
    Filthy rich
    The list of ways in which bank-notes can be damaged is “almost endless”, according to the Bank of England.

    As well as money put through washing machines, or chewed by a pet, the Bank says that notes hidden for safe keeping are often overlooked.
    These include burnt notes in ovens or microwaves and damp or decayed currency hidden under floorboards or in the garden.
    The most common claims for reimbursement in 2008 were torn notes or fragments of notes. Some 19,235 claims were made, a similar figure to…

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