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    Premium Bonds holders are being urged to check whether they are among the 550,000 people who have left a record £30m of prizes unclaimed.
    National Savings and Investments (NS&I) said unclaimed wins ranged from £25 to one prize of £100,000.
    Winners are sent cheques to the address held on file by NS&I, and prizes often go unclaimed because people move house and do not update their details.
    People can check if they have won via the NS&I website or by writing to them.
    ‘Check with us’
    Some are unaware they even own Premium Bonds, having had them bought for them as a child.
    And executors of people’s estates are often unaware that the person who died held Premium Bonds, NS&I said.
    “We urge anyone who believes they could have unclaimed prizes to check with us,” said Sally Swait, Premium Bond manager at NS&I.
    The highest unclaimed prize of £100,000 belonged to a woman who had previously lived in outer London, and who held just £25 worth of Premium Bonds.
    Of the two people who have…

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