• From The BBC:

    Complaints from customers about the airline industry have risen by 11% in a year, a consumer support group says.The Air Transport Users Council (AUC) handled 12,307 complaints and enquiries in 2008-9, compared with 11,077 the previous year. Cancellations, delays and mishandled baggage topped the gripes list but new technology has also led to new types of complaints, the AUC said. It accepted that complaints came from a “tiny” minority of passengers. CompensationThere were more complaints about cancelled flights than any other issue, with the numbers rising slightly to 3,770 in the last financial year.
    The AUC said it had been difficult to win compensation for passengers in these cases because on most occasions airlines claimed cancellations were the result of “extraordinary circumstances”, for which they do not have to pay compensation. The group won compensation for 120 complainants whose flights were cancelled compared with 60 the year before. Stricter legislation on passenger right…

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