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    The world’s airline industry is urging the UK government to abandon a rise in air passenger duty, which would mean long-haul flight prices rising.The International Air Transport Association warns the levy is damaging an industry already on its knees. Britain is the only place to have such a tax and the Treasury now wants to base it on how far people fly. Ministers say flying is relatively “undertaxed” and the changes “better reflect the environmental costs”. The duty is currently £10 for short-haul flights and £40 for longer journeys, costs which airlines pass on to passengers. Under the government’s plans, the tax will rise to £85 for Australia and £60 to the US by November next year. ‘Survival mode’The International Air Transport Association (IATA), which represents the world’s airlines, has described the tax as “irresponsible”. Giovanni Bisignani, of IATA, said: “We are in survival mode… we don’t understand why the UK is still insisting with an air passenge…

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