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    Banks will not have to deal with new complaints about unauthorised bank charges for another six months.The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has extended the “waiver” on complaints about excessive overdraft charges because a test case is still going on. The extension means the period of grace for banks will now end in January 2010. Law Lords will rule on the latest stage of the test case in the autumn, but the legal battle is expected to continue for some time. ‘Progress'”Although the test case is progressing well, we still do not have certainty on this complex issue,” said Dan Waters, director of retail policy and conduct risk at the FSA.
    “Our objective continues to be facilitating a fair and consistent resolution of consumer complaints about unauthorised overdraft charges.” This is the third time that the original waiver, first granted in the summer of 2007, has been extended. All new claims against banks were effectively suspended in July 2007 when the Office of Fair Trading (OFT)…

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