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    Child Trust Funds of children with severe disabilities should be ringfenced so they do not affect future claims for benefits, says Mencap.Every child has at least £250 paid into their fund by the government and if relatives contribute it could reach tens of thousands of pounds when the child reaches 18. But residential care and some benefits are currently means-tested, so there are concerns anyone with substantial savings may not be eligible or get less money. That could mean vulnerable people lose out, says Mencap. Dr Garth Lancaster from Northamptonshire has been trying to plan financial support for his six-year-old granddaughter, Tiegan, who has severe cerebral palsy. Her year was the second to benefit from the setting up of Child Trust Funds which were introduced from 1 September 2002.
    Dr Lancaster and his family were hoping if they regularly contributed to Tiegan’s fund it would be worth tens of thousands of pounds by the time she reached 18. But he is worried that means-te…

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