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    Now that it is being rebranded Santander, will I be able to use my Abbey account as a Spanish one too, or will I have to open an new account in Spain? AT, Herts

    An Abbey spokesman replies: The Abbey account can be used all over the world but remains a Sterling denominated account and therefore when used outside the UK, it subject to account usual transaction fees, for example use of cash machines or debit card use.
    If you are looking to live in Spain, it would probably be more financially advisable to have a Euro denominated Spanish account.

    Santander has recently introduced a way for Santander customers in Spain to obtain banking facilities when they move to the UK, and we are
    In addition you may wish to look at another account offered by Cater Allen, the private banking arm of Santander in the UK.

    It is an account based in the UK but offers free transfer of funds between dollars, euros and pounds sterling. There is no fee for using abroad and no cost or mark up for cha…

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