• From The BBC:

    The cost of living for those living on minimum household budgets is rising faster than inflation, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has calculated.It says that the costs for a single household on its low-income budget were up 5.3% this year, with rises of 5% for pensioners and couples with children. The reason is that the poor spend more on fuel, food, and public transport, which have risen by 7% to 12%. One in four households in the UK fall below Rowntree’s minimun income levels. The report warns that the benefits paid to working age people are well below minimum income standards.
    But it says that pensioners who get the full amount of pensioner credit do receive enough to meet the minimum income standard. The think tank had created the benchmark measure last year in order to determine the income people need “to reach a minimum socially acceptable standard of living” which includes “having what you need to in order to have the opportunities and choice necessary to participate in society”…

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