• From The BBC:

    The mobile phone number directory 118800 has suspended its services in order to carry out technical repairs.The site’s owner Connectivity admits it is difficult to handle the number of unsubscribe requests from mobile phone users. The site says that the downtime will also be used to make technical improvements to correct delays in connection times. It is not able to take ex-directory requests at the moment. In the meantime, “all ex-directory requests made by people in our directory to date are being processed. There will be no need to resend these requests”, reads a statement on the company website. Connectivity says that it hopes to have the site up and running again soon, but until that happens, customers will only be able to use the 118800 service over the phone, and only then to access landline numbers. Rushed Launch
    Connectivity launched the phone and web based service in mid-June. It admits it became operational sooner than it wanted to, but because of intense media interest, i…

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