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    Interest rates on savings accounts aimed at football club supporters are much lower than last season, analysis has found.Clubs receive a payment each year from building societies which run “affinity” savings accounts aimed at their fans. But the average interest rate paid to savers with accounts has dropped from 2.47% at the start of last season to 0.19% now, according to Moneynet.co.uk. But the proportion given to clubs has remained relatively steady. Financial supportClubs promote soccer saver accounts to their fans, with many offering incentives such as tickets or club shop discounts to anyone who deposits a certain amount of money.
    “Affinity accounts won’t provide savers with a best buy return on their money, but many supporters are happy to sacrifice a higher rate of interest in return for being able to do their bit for their team,” said Andrew Hagger, of Moneynet. He said the accounts had followed the general trend of falling interest rates, with the biggest drops seen on return…

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