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    High profile estate agency Foxtons has been told by the High Court that some of the charges it imposes on landlords are unfair.The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) had asked the court to uphold the regulator’s decision from 2008 that the charges broke consumer regulations. The OFT said clauses in the small print of Foxtons’ agreements for managing tenanted properties were a “trap”. It said the court ruling sent out a “clear and unambiguous message”. ‘Not hidden away’The clauses which Mr Justice Mann agreed were unfair said that Foxtons could: • continue to demand “renewal” commission from a landlord if a tenant stayed on past the initial tenancy period – even if the agency had played no further part in arranging or managing the extended tenancy • force the landlord to continue paying commission to the agency, even after Foxtons had sold the property • be paid full commission for selling the property to the tenant, regardless of whether or not it had had a hand in the sale “T…

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