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    Sam Scott was left covered in cuts and bruises after his cycling accident.
    The 12-year-old had ridden into the path of a car, smashing its windscreen before he was sent flying on to the kerb.
    While recovering at home an official looking letter arrived in the family post, addressed to him. It was from the car driver’s insurance company, telling him he had to pay £150.
    The youngster, who does not even have a bank account, was also later warned he could be taken to court if he does not send them a cheque.
    Yesterday his mother Tracey said: ‘I’m really furious. I have never heard anything like it before. It’s terrible that people are asking children for money.’
    Sam flew through the front window of an oncoming car when he rode into it’s path in North Shields, Tyneside.
    Shaken and bruised, he was taken to hospital but was not seriously injured. His bike was a write-off, however.
    ‘He is very lucky to be alive, it was the full impact,’ Mrs Scott said. ‘He actually smashed h…

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