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    Mortgage lending to house buyers picked up again in May, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).The number of home loans for house buyers rose by 4% in the month to 37,400, although that was still 28% lower than a year ago. First-time buyers are still having to put down an average deposit worth 25% of their home’s value. But the CML said 80% of first-time buyers under the age of 30 were receiving finance from their parents. “The bank of mum and dad remains an apparently important source of help for young first-time buyers,” said CML economist Paul Samter. “Some mortgage products specifically reflect this fact, and again we may begin to see more products that echo this phenomenon,” he added. Rationing
    The past year and a half has seen a dramatic rationing of mortgages by lenders, in response to the shortage of funds sparked by the banking crisis. However, the CML predicted that lenders might become slightly more relaxed in the coming months. “We might expect to see a modest…

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