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    The Sears Tower in Chicago – one of the most famous skyscrapers in the world – is being renamed.The 110-storey structure, which opened in 1973, is being rechristened the Willis Tower on Thursday. London-based insurance brokerage Willis Group Holdings has secured the naming rights as part of an agreement to lease space. But the name change has angered some protesters, who have launched a website called www.itsthesearstower.com.
    Tourists from around the world have visited the tower’s gallery to see views of Chicago. Chicago teacher Marianne Turk, 46, told the Associated Press news agency that she was firmly against the change, as she waited to go up. “It’s always going to be the Sears Tower. It’s part of Chicago and I won’t call it Willis Tower. In Chicago we hold fast,” she said. Chicago landmarkThe Willis Tower will be introduced to Chicago by the city’s mayor, Richard Daley, during a public renaming ceremony hosted by Willis Group Holdings. The company is hopeful that the name chang…

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