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    Lord Turner: “Raise state pension age to 70”
    The author of an influential report into the future of pensions now believes that his proposals were not radical enough.Lord Turner told the BBC he would now argue that the age at which people received a state pension should be raised more quickly. He also suggested public sector workers should move to more flexible pensions, rather than a final salary scheme. His commission’s proposals four years ago moulded government pensions policy. Pension ageThe age at which people start to receive the state pension is getting later in the coming decades, close to the recommendations made by Lord Turner’s Pensions Commission. People can still retire at a younger age, but will not be paid a state pension until they reached the “pension age”.
    The state pension age for men and women will rise to 66 in 2024, to 67 in 2034 and 68 in 2044. Each rise will be phased-in over two years. Lord Turner…

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