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    A challenge – led by major charities – to the UK’s enforceable retirement age of 65 is back at the High Court.The battle, led by Age Concern and Help the Aged, aims to establish whether it is legal for UK employers to force workers to retire at the age of 65. EU judges said the practice was legal if it had a legitimate aim, but it was up to the UK’s High Court to decide if the age limit was justified. The government is planning to bring forward a retirement age review. Current positionAs the law stands, a British employer can dismiss a member of staff without redundancy payments on that person’s 65th birthday.
    Age Concern maintains that this is in breach of the EU’s Equal Treatment at Work Directive and said one in eight MPs would be out of a job immediately if the rule applied to them. The European judges said that the enforceable retirement age could remain if it had a “legitimate aim” linked to social or employment policy. But the UK government still has to justify its policy of al…

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