• From The BBC:

    Deutsche Bank has confirmed it faces a possible criminal investigation into spying allegations.Germany’s largest lender is accused of spying on two board members it suspected of leaking sensitive details, as well as one critical shareholder. State prosecutors are now trying to establish whether to launch a formal criminal investigation. The bank refused to comment on reports that it had dismissed two of its staff members in connection with the claims. Data evidenceThe bank began its own inquiry into the spying allegations in May.
    Prosecutors have confirmed they’re now considering whether to launch a criminal investigation in Deutsche Bank. The bank has refused to comment on the details of the allegations, which date back to 2001, until its own inquiry is finished. So far, it appears that the alleged surveillance involved a few isolated cases. But all the same, the allegations are damaging. Questions are being asked about internal controls within Deutsche, and it still remains to be se…

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