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    You should always bump up your claim by 10 pc as that is what the insurer will knock you down by
    MYTH: This is also fraud and could get you into a lot of trouble. The myth stems from the fact that insurers have relationships with particular retailers and the size of their orders lets them negotiate a discount. If you choose to shop elsewhere, then the insurer can give you the money less their discount – say 15% – unless you can prove the insurer’s chosen retailer does not offer goods of a similar quality to the ones you are replacing.
    I can demand cash rather than a repair or replacement to settle my claim
    MYTH: It is entirely at the insurer’s discretion which option it gives you in most circumstances. However, if there is a specific unusual item that cannot be matched, you can demand cash.
    An insurer will turn down your claim if it deems it an ‘Act of God’
    MYTH: There is no such thing as an Act of God in insurance terms. Freak weather or storm claims can be refused if the i…

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